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Wyndi L Kloepper

Wyndi L Kloepper

Angels Info

Name: Wyndi L Kloepper
Age: 47
Location: Troy, Illinois
Lost The Battle: December 25, 2020



Wyndi died on Christmas night…Her 9 year old son, Nicholas, called 911 when he could not wake her up in the evening. Wyndi had been a looong time drug addict. But heroin was just not her drug…she liked crack then meth !!! Of course that’s not to say she wouldn’t do heroin …but she hated doing it and she hated the withdrawals from it but she did it one last time.She struggled all of her life with addiction. She was my oldest daughter and my second daughter to die of a heroin/fentanyl overdose in 2020….I love ❤️ you Wyndi L Best-Kloepper with all my heart and soul …RIP