You are about to enter a potentially dangerous section of this website if you’re struggling with your own sobriety.  Please be advised that if you CHOOSE to proceed that you WILL see VIDEOS & IMAGERY showing Drug Use, Overdose and intoxication. All of the videos have been found freely on the internet and or have been submitted directly to the Heroin Angels website. If you’re struggling we ask that you view this material with extreme care as a real potential for relapse exist.
Some of the videos that will be shown may contain graphic images as well as nudity, mature language and even death. You’ve been advised.

We post these videos and photos to help others understand what is actually being done, How the drugs are used, The tools used to use the drugs, what the drugs look like and what the user experiences before, during and after usage.  Parents or loved ones of those using have a lot of interest in these videos. Please, View responsibly 

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