Tyler Todd

Angels Info

Name: Tyler Todd
Age: 27
Location: Illinois
Lost The Battle: February 13, 2019


Tyler and I fell in love at a concert in 2015. We knew right then and there we’d be inseparable. He moved in 2 days after that concert and we married 2 months exactly from the day of the concert in 2015. His addiction started with oxys that were readily available from his mother. I didn’t realize how bad it would get. He ended up consuming anything he could get his hands on. It was a downward spiral. He ended up OD on February 13, 2019. Heroine/fentanyl. It has changed my life as I knew it. No matter how badly he wanted to change he was just too deep into it. We were separated…on again off again…I’m sure many people understand that cycle in these types of situations. He OD with a friend that drove around with him deceased for 3 hours before taking him to the ER, where he was obviously deceased. We were soulmates and I’ll never find someone that I’d be comfortable enough with or be loved like that. Pure passion. I felt safe with him. He wouldn’t let a soul touch me…let alone look at me funny. He was caring, funny, gorgeous, strong, passionate. He was a giver. He didn’t know a stranger. I miss him and I’m so lost. Mental health is so important. I know he’s giving heaven some hell. I love you Tyler Ray. Love, Baby Shea