Tyler Cramer

Angels Info

Name: Tyler Cramer
Age: 24
Location: Cuyahoga falls, Ohio

DOD: December 6, 2018


I miss everything about him. His contagious smile and giggle. His perfectly timed sarcasm. That sense of style. He was a BFF to everybody which really made me proud. Everyone who knew him considered him their best friend. He was doing well and a great help with my granddaughter whom I have custody of because of my daughters addiction. Him and my daughter were 4 months apart in age and grew up very close. In May of 2018 his mother passed from an autoimmune disease. Things took a turn for the worse for Tyler after that. He is missed by so many people especially his father, my younger brother who lost his wife of 26 years and his first born child 6 months apart. I love you Tyler

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