The Urgent need to raise awareness to the drug epidemic

It’s 2022 and much as the case with anything else its hard to get the truth about the epidemic. Our government says that deaths from the epidemic are on the decline despite the United States losing over 107,000 souls to overdose in 2021 alone…The most ever.
The media does little more than acknowledge it before skipping over it to talk about politics or sports. These are our children, Our Mothers, Fathers, Aunts, Uncles and Friends.
The drug epidemic is not going away and we must come together to do a better job at education on the subject. We need to raise awareness so that we can more quickly identify and help those at risk before they end up a statistic. Buy a Beautiful, Hand made Overdose Awareness Bracelet from us and help educate people when they ask you about it. Only through all of us helping can we being to make some headroom. Buy a bracelet HERE