Kyle Matey

Kyle Matey
Kyle Matey

Angels Info

Name: AKyle Matey
Age: 19
Location: Salem, New Hampshire
DOD:  July 5th, 2017

Angels Bio:

Kyle was a smart and quiet person, with a huge heart. He was my daughter’s boyfriend and he cared for her more than he cared for himself. He came into our lives about 3 years ago. The only thing that he ever wanted was the love from his parents, but both of them were fighting the disease of addiction and could not even love themselves. His dad died on April 26, 2017 and I thought that would make Kyle stronger and fight harder for his own troubles with addiction. No matter how down and out he was I could always count on him picking my daughter up and helping her fight her addiction to drugs. The 2 months months after his dad died, he was trying to get his life together. He was living in sober living and making healthy choices. He seemed to be happy and wanting to fulfill his life’s dreams. It all happened so fast, within a week of relapsing he died. A piece of me died with him, we miss him so much. It would have been his 20th birthday on October 14.
*This listing was submitted with love by, Mary Banks
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