Kirsten Yamaoka

Kirsten Yamaoka
Kirsten Yamaoka

Angels Info

Name: Kirsten Yamaoka
Age: 21
Location: Reno, Nevada
DOD:  March 1st 2017

Angels Bio:

Our beautiful baby girls suffering came to an end on Wednesday as she died from an overdose. She is no longer in pain, horror, or at the hands of her addiction. She is at peace, and can now complete what she called “her destiny”. On the outside Kirsten looked like she had it all: Intelligence, confidence, athletic ability, and beauty inside and out. However on the inside pain and sadness existed from the terrorizing drugs and addiction. We loved Kirsten with all of our being but sadly this wasn’t enough to keep her from the world and the misery. In her words, “This couldn’t have been prevented by anyone” and “No one would have known the right thing to say”. Kirsten had recently completed Drug Court and was one of Judge Pearsons successes. She was in the Step 2 program and thriving, she had a promising job at UPS, bought a car, started a new business venture, and was living what she referred to as an “adult life”. Even with all of these triumphs the lure of addiction, the mental obsession and the physical craving was too hard to overcome. Kirsten was an amazing daughter to Guy Yamaoka and Darcy Patterson, she was also the best “Sisi” to her brother JW Patterson. She loved deeply all of her family members and she instantly became your friend when you met her. Kirsten had a heart for the needy and loved being with children. The sense of worry that was felt with Kirstens path and struggles has now been replaced with the loss of her beautiful smiling face. There will be a celebration of life on Thursday March 9th at Sparks Christian Fellowship. Please come and join us to laugh, cry, and smile.
Published in Reno Gazette-Journal on Mar. 7, 2017
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