Levi Duehn

Levi Duehn
Levi Duehn

Angels Info

Name: Levi Duehn
Age:  38
Location:  Minneapolis, Minnesota
DOD:  September 26, 2017

Angels Bio:

Levi was the most straight forward honest person I knew. He was a very talented tattoo artist who worked at a few shops. He liked to play pranks on me and was a wonderful uncle to my daughter who adored him. I miss about him is the secure feeling I always had knowing he was there and had me back. We lost our youngest bro in 2012 to suicide so we became very close after that. I just miss my big brother,he always had a way of putting me in check in a way I understood and respected. I have 5 tattoos he did for me for free, like his life they are unfinished and I dont think I was anyone else touching his work, plus that was our brother/sister bonding time. Hes only been gone a year, I recently inherited some of his journals I been reading and he was such an intelligent and talented person (like most addicts) Some of the thing he wrote were so in tune with my thoughts it was like he took the thoughts and feeling right out of my head. He OD’d on Sept 26th last year, he was missing for a week till I knew something was wrong so I drove to his apt and found him in his bed, with his earbuds still in and playing his music. The smell of a week old body is a horrible thing i’ll never forget or the way he looked. His ashes are at the tattoo shop he worked at because they were the only ones that would have some kinda service for him. My parents don’t deal with death well and wouldn’t even let me write an obituary for him. They didn’t want anyone to know how he died. My family blames me because Levi never did heroin until I moved back home to get clean 3 years ago. Last conversation I had with him he told me he did it once and i begged him not to touch it again, he died two days later. There will always be an empty place in my heart for BOTH my brothers. RIP Elwood & Levi, gone but never forgotten!