Tanner Blake Moore

Angels Info

Name:  Tanner Blake Moore
Age:  23
Location:  Des Moines, Iowa
DOD:  August 19, 2017

Angels Bio:

Tanner Blake Moore, 23, gained his wings on Saturday, August 19, 2017 at Iowa Methodist Medical Center. His death was the result of a heroin overdose which has left his friends and family in great despair. Funeral services will be at Iles Grandview Park Funeral Home where the family will receive friends from 4-8 pm Friday, August 25th. We will honor Tanner’s life at a service on Saturday, August 26th at 11 am.

Tanner was born November 24, 1993 in Des Moines. He was the first grandson on his mother’s side and the last to carry his name. He graduated from East High School a year early with a 4.0 GPA. Tanner was a straight A student all through school and he had no limitations to his future, and even had the opportunity to travel to Japan with the foreign exchange program. Tanner was a risk taker and he enjoyed the company of pretty women and buddies with a sense of humor. He himself had a sense of humor that would make the whole room laugh. The love he had for his family was immeasurable. He would preach to his younger siblings about the right path to take in life and loved spending time with them as well as his nieces and nephews. From the time he could throw a ball, he had a love for baseball and played for many years. He was employed by Hy-Vee as a teen and held multiple jobs thereafter. He was so smart and could accomplish anything he put his mind to, and there wasn’t a single girl he couldn’t catch with his charming smile and smooth talk. Tanner loved nice shoes and he would spend hours getting dressed, always making sure his clothing was ironed and every hair was in place. A few strands of hair on his neck or a wrinkle in a shirt drove him crazy. He was proud to grow a beard since his chest hair only grew in small patches 🙂 He was very also picky about his food and he hated mustard and onions 🙂 Tanner was fascinated with the hustle of the fast life and he lived his life on the edge with dreams of being successful someday. His biggest goal was to make his mother proud. Tanner struggled with addiction from his late teens forward. He was his own worst enemy and the demons of his addiction took over the man he wanted so much to be. 

The call came late one night. With tears in his voice, a shaky son said, ”Mom I’m leaving for Florida, can I please have my social security card? I’m going to treatment at a place far away from here. They are flying me down and I’m leaving in 2 hours. I’m tired of not knowing where I’m going to sleep the next day or when I’m going to eat again.”

Months later: “Mom I am doing so good here. I love where I am and the people…I’m going to make you proud Mom…I love you.”

Another call came. My crying son said: ”Mom I’m on a corner in Georgia and I can’t stay in this house anymore. It’s raining and I don’t know where I am. I have no money, haven’t eaten in 2 days and the hurricane wont allow me to bring a bus home. I can’t stay at the bus station….mom please help me I’m scared and I’m so cold.”

Another call: “Mom I’m scared I’ll never be normal again, please help me.”

Yet another call: ”I’m going to California Mom….a treatment center like Florida but I don’t want to go back to where I was, there is heroin on every corner. I swear I can’t get away from it… I love you mom.”

Annnd another: ”I can’t wait to see you and the kids mom. Please tell them I love them. Tell Hannah I’m staying with her and sleeping in her bed with her on Christmas Eve 🙂 I’m so excited to come for Christmas that I can’t sleep at night. I don’t want to stay in town long…that’s not good for me.”

Once back in town, another call: ”I don’t need you in my life Mom…I’ll never speak to you again.”

Months later. ”I’m doing good mom…can I see the kids?? I’m getting my license back and a job. I love you.”

This was his life and we loved him for who he was regardless of the choices he made. This drug does not define him. It wasn’t who he was on the inside or as a sober “T”. 

2 months and 2 overdoses later, (that I know of) Tanner’s fight is over. The heroin epidemic has touched our lives and has taken our smart, handsome, witty best friend away from the thousands of people’s lives who he has touched in some way or another. Somehow, we will find the courage and the power to breathe until we meet him again. I love you Son….

Survivors include his mother, Lisa Moore (Bobby Bear); step father, Donny Young (Heather Brown); Bio father, Todd Phillips (Ashley); Grandparents: Paula Sanders, Christine Leach, Denny Phillips, Sandra Moore, Dorothy Moore; Siblings: Hannah, Breanna, Lexi, Mallory, Dawson, Gunner, Gus, Lucy, TJ, Shea, Amanda, Rian, Kati & Dominic. Aunts & Uncles; Libby (Roy); Amanda (Tom); Julie, Dawn (Denver); Shawn (Mark); Adam, Pam (Danny); Sandi, Sue (Troy); Jobie (Beth); Carl and many many cousins, nieces and nephews.

He is preceded in death by his Grandfathers: Chuck Sanders, Ralph Leach, Craig Moore, Aunt Kim, Grandma Dot, and his favorite dog, Dodger.

Memorial contributions and flowers may be made to the family in care of Iles Grandview Park Funeral Home. Online contributions and condolences are welcome at www.IlesCares.com under the “payment” tab in Tanner’s name.