Semra Richards

Semra Richards

Angels Info

Name: Semra Richards
Age:  45
Location: Mechanicsville, Maryland

DOD: November 13, 2019


My aunt semra had an incredible sense of humor. I miss her jokes. I miss her sayings. She was hilarious without even trying to be. She always used to say “that kiki. Shes a good seed.” Or even me being 26 years old always referred to me as “the baby” or “the kiki”. She was too cool for school and she knew it. She always loved to wear black. It was her favorite color. She was such a creative person. She kept a diary of poems amongst her many thoughts and feelings. Her creativity ran so deep in her blood her 3 children all became extremely talented in the music department singing and songwriting. She was a deeply saddened person from the events that have occurred in her life but you would never be able to tell it from spending time with her. She was always the life of the party. Had the sweetest funniest laugh. And always ALWAYS would be your #1 cheerleader. No matter what you did wrong she always believed in you. Nobody is perfect. Not her not I not one person in our family. And she looked past all of that. Family is family, blood is blood. I will miss her freaking out in the back seat to Michael’s driving crazy. I will miss her always thinking of me when shopping or listening to certain songs. I will continue to cherish her memory.

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