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Sean Gregory Ford

Sean Gregory Ford

Angels Info

Name: Sean Gregory Ford
Age: 30
Location: Louisville, Mississippi
Lost The Battle: December 25, 2016



He was my soulmate, my twin flame. The other half that made me whole. He was the most beautiful man I’ve ever laid my eyes on. He was the daddy of two little girls, keylee and Bailey. They were everything to him. They were his hearts desire. He was a great daddy and a country boy through and through. Sean loved to fish and he loved to drink like a fish. With a cold beer never far from his hands. He was the life of the party, His presence simply demanded attention, it would captivate an entire room, it definitely captivated me. I was absolutely captivated by his every movement, his every word. I hung onto every word that came out of his mouth. He had me utterly and completely wrapped. I was his willing prisoner, first one to admit that, he consumed me . i was hopelessly devoted to him. He and I were made from the same star and I’ve never known love at first sight the way I did the instant I laid eyes on him. His beauty was breath-taking. He was funny, caring, giving, and also extremely patriotic. He was the best thing this life has ever given to me. My greatest love story and my most painful goodbye. I became his widow on Christmas day 2016 and I, nor my life, has been the same since. So much of me died with him that night, the best parts of me are 6 ft under with him now and I am destined to suffer, drowning in this grief for the rest of my life until we can hopefully be reunited one day. Until then Ill be here with a Sean sized hole in my heart. I miss everything about him and forever will. “though his song has ended, its melody plays on forever”