Rhondda Price

Rhondda Maegan Mayhew Price | 42Years Old | Victoria B.C, Canada | Lost The Battle: December 11, 2020

Angels Info

Name: Rhondda Price
Age: 42
Location: Victoria B.C, Canada
Lost The Battle:December 11, 2020



She was wonderful and very living. How ever she experienced repeated severe sexual trauma as a child. wed been in a relationship for 7 years awhile back. she knew me and i knew her. only one other in my life now i can say that about. miss her and the fact she’s not here is still devastating. no one deserves that fate.
she smoked it and died from encephalitis due to heroin toxicity. lost voluntary muscle control, then involuntary muscle control. on life support only able to hear and move her eyes before the plug was pulled. 6 weeks in hospital.