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Heroin Angels was created on September 17th, 2017 and has grown rapidly since it’s creation. As of OCT, 2019 our FB page has reached nearly 80,000 page likes and nearly 100,000 followers!
Heroin Angels was created to give the grieving friends and family members of the drug epidemic victims a place to memorialize their loved ones. The stigma surrounding the drug epidemic is astonishing. The beautiful souls are snuffed out in their prime and we “cover it up”  Instead of being honest about their struggles and death we create their obituaries (If they get one) with sentences like ” She died unexpectedly at home”..Anything to avoid speaking the truth. This might be the easier way for the surviving family but it’s no way to honor those who’ve lost their lives to this DISEASE..
Heroin Angels Memorial Wall gives the Family and Friends a place to be honest about their loved ones struggles by offering them a Beautifully Designed, Custom listing that includes their information along with photos, obituary, About me section and can even include GoFundMe links etc. We at Heroin Angels understand that these times can be extremely costly and we’re devoted to keeping the Heroin Angels services, Free for all!   



We’re very easy to reach, Use any of the methods below to reach out to us!

Hershel Gau – Owner/Creator
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Phone Number – 937-269-6673
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Heroin Angels FB page and groups are maintained by a devoted, hand picked selection of staff members. Without these wonderful folks donating their time, the Page and Group just wouldn’t exist.  Feel free to reach out to the Admin Staff below for any Heroin Angels related topics or concerns.
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Viney Gibson
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