Patrisha Warren

Patrisha Warren | 29 years old | Hamilton, Ontario | Died - February 29, 2016

Angels Info

Name: Patrisha Warren
Age: 29
Location: Hamilton, Ontario

DOD: February 29, 2016


Born May 14th 1986, passed Feb 29 2016. Trish left behind 4 beautiful little babies. Before the life of addiction she was the most beautiful loving best friend, sister, cousin a girl could ask for. Trish would give anyone anything and lived her life to please others. Her babies were her world. Her mother left her at the age of 14 for drugs. She later got pregnant with her first baby at 16. She then started with the parties. She cleaned her act up and she has her second baby. A beautiful little girl. Thing the became about the parties. She became hooked on perc and oxys. She got pregnant with her third little man and started to see the brighter days until she loss his father to an OD, she fell again and this time harder then before. She started using heroin and meth. She got pregnant with her 4th baby and lost him to cps my mom kept her on the right track. She was doing well getting home visits with her son and on the right track of getting him back. My mom was then diagnosed with cancer in Feb 2015 she passed a short 5 months later. This hit patrisha hard. She of and ended up with infection in her heart, cellulitis of the skin and other heath issues. She need open heart surgery in Nov 2015. She then told me she had nothing to live for and I knew then things were rly bad. I got the call on Feb 29th 2016 that she was no longer. My heart broke. She was my cousin by blood but raised as my sister. She is missed by many family and friends.

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