Parents overdose in their 7-month-old baby’s Children’s Hospital room

CINCINNATI (WKRC) -A shocking story out of Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital Medical Center Wednesday, Jan. 7, where a mother died and a father had to be revived after shooting up heroin.

It happened late Wednesday morning in the hospital room of the couple’s young child.

While what happened may shock people, it really was not surprising. People addicted to heroin will shoot up anytime and everywhere; in cars, in restrooms in fast food restaurants. Now, the bathroom of a child’s hospital room.

“I think its an amazing example of how it’s not the person anymore,it’s not the people. It’s an addiction. This was heroin,” Chief Tom Synan of the Newtown Police Department.

Chief Synan heads up the Hamilton County Heroin Task Force. He said what happened at Children’s Hospital points to the power of heroin addiction. A 32-year-old woman and a 31-year-old man identified as Wesley Landers were visiting their 7-month-old child who was a patient at Children’s. They said both went into the bathroom of the hospital room and injected heroin.

Medical staff later came into the room and found the mother dead on the floor. Landers, the father, was locked in the bathroom. Hospital staff unlocked the door and found him unconscious. Landers was found with one heroin syringe in his arm, two on the bathroom sink and a loaded gun in his pocket. Hospital staff was able to revive him with Narcan.

Chief Synan said earlier Wednesday he pulled someone over who was loading up hypodermic needles with heroin. Recently a driver almost collided with him because they were injecting heroin into their big toe. He said the Hamilton County Task Force will work with Cincinnati police to find out who supplied the couple with heroin and possibly press charges which could include manslaughter.

Cincinnati police have not released the name of the child’s mother. Wesley Landers is now charged with drug possession, carrying a concealed weapon and having a weapon under disability. The last charge means he was not allowed to carry a gun due to an earlier conviction.

Landers is now in the justice center. He could be in court as early as Friday, Jan. 8.

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