Heroin Angels Memorial Wall – In Memory Of Those Lost To The Drug Epidemic

Heroin Angels Memorial is dedicated to those that we’re losing to the opioid epidemic.  Heroin Angels is Privately funded & maintained.  Have you lost a loved one? Feel free to add them to the Heroin Angels Memorial Wall by clicking HERE .
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Did you know?
2022 and the drug epidemic rages on. Lock downs and forced distancing, work closures and other factors have caused a recent spike in overdose related deaths across the country. over 100,000 people are expected to lose their battle with addiction this year, If these numbers hold we will see the worst year with the most deaths since the beginning. Heroin Angels is a Memorial but we’re also so much more. We are looking to expand our efforts in helping educate the public on the dangers of these drugs as well as working with police and medical officials as well as law makers to find new ways to combat this horrible epidemic before we lose anymore people. Opioids and Meth have completely brought our country to it’s knees and it’s time we fight back. Please browse our site for various opportunities to get involved!  Don’t have time to help? Please consider making a Donation. It cost a lot of money to make this possible and we’re privately funded with zero sponsors. We totally appreciate your help!

Heroin Angels Memorial Wall
The Opioid Epidemic is killing off some of our brightest minds and the most beautiful of people. No family is safe from this horrible disease. If you or a family member is at risk of Heroin Addiction please act NOW to arm yourself with the information and tools that could save their life! Checkout our Facebook page HERE for lots of information to help stop this crisis! 

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