Olivia (Livv) O’Kelly

Olivia (Livv) O'Kelly

Angels Info

Name: Olivia (Livv) O’Kelly
Age: 27
Location: Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Lost The Battle: October 10, 2022


Olivia was the baby of the family. Don’t let that fool you though. She was the most feisty of us all. She would be the first to tell you how she felt no questions asked. She was also one of the most loyal people that you would ever meet. She was not always a slave to the drug. Before the drug took over her life she was an amazing sister, aunt, friend and most importantly mother. She had 2 beautiful children who she loved more than anything. Once this stuff took over her life that all changed very quickly. All she worried about was where she was getting money for her next fix. In the beginning it started off slow and not many knew that this devil has sold of her life. Now my baby sister leaves behind her 2 beautiful children who will never remember their mother before drugs ruled her life because they were so young when it started and still very young when she passed. She never wanted to admit that she had a problem until the very end. Just 2 days before she passed she finally admitted that she was an addict and needed away from the life she had been living. After spending 7 months in jail just one more time turned into the last. But her life wasn’t lost in vain. She donated organs and was able to save the lives of 2 people who needed it. So now my baby sister lives on in people who we will never know. I hope they realize how special she was. Because to us she meant more than she ever knew. After the death of her mother depression took over life and lead to very bad choices. I hope that her story can help save more than just 2 lives. If you are reading this please get help. Your family loves you and they are waiting for the call that you are finally ready to change.