Megan Deroche

Megan Deroche

Angels Info

Name: Megan Deroche
Age: 28
Location: Ingleside, Texas

Lost The Battle: March 6, 2022


Megan I didn’t get enough time with you my friend. Although we met in the craziest of circumstances we immediately formed a friendship that i don’t know if anyone else can replace. You always told me that you couldn’t open up to anyone but you opened up to me. I’m honored that I could be a friend to you when you needed one. You were also a friend to me when I really needed one. You were such a firecracker. Tiny but with a big hurt and a big attitude to go with it. You had so much love to give but not enough time to give it. Ill always miss our long talks and our laughs. Wear your angel wings well my friend
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Tads Secret
June 5, 2022 2:05 am

Rest in peace