Lynda Elders

Lynda Elders

Angels Info

Name: Lynda Elders
Age: 54
Location: Park Hills, Missouri

DOD:  June 4, 2017


My mom was an amazing NaNa. She tried to make up with my children where she lacked when I was a child. Drugs had always been apart of my life because of her. But she did the best she could do. When she was sober, she was my best friend. When she was strung out, she was a complete stranger. Her addiction beat her on June 4, 2017 when it took her and my baby brother. My only sibling and my mother died from a fentanyl overdose together on that day. The worst day of my life. As broken as it has left me, I will never forget the people they were when the drugs weren’t an issue. They were amazing. They were my world. And now they are gone. I miss my mom’s laugh. I miss how I could call her anytime, day or night, and she would always answer. I miss her her presence. I just miss her. Everything about her.

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