Luther David Combs

Angels Info

Name: Luther David Combs
Age:  31
Location: Middletown, Ohio

DOD: August 26, 2015



Luther David Combs of Middletown, OH was born December 19, 1983 and passed, with his beloved fiance Alison, of a Heroin Overdose on August 26, 2015. The life in between these two dates were filled with so much love from his family and friends but there were many struggles, he lost his grandpa who he adored when he was around 8 and then his mother at 9 and his grandmother at 11.

Although Luther had many people who loved and cared for him, like so many people today, somewhere along the way someone introduced him to drugs and once Heroin worked it’s way in things escalated. With that moment of weakness his life changed. He was consumed by the drug and he fought it so many times.

However, after the passing of his father in February of his year Luther made the commitment to beat Heroin. He moved away, got into a rehab outreach program at a local Church and was doing so well. He was working two jobs, he found a special girl who he was in love with, he was hanging out with his brothers watching Bengal pre-season games, and he had taken the first step to get back into his sons life. He was saving some money and had an apartment with his girlfriend. Life was looking up. But, he recognized and admitted each day was a struggle, one he hit head on for over 100 days. As many people know some days are tougher than others and it only takes one slip. This was a slip that Luther and his girlfriend could not afford to make, but they did and paid the ultimate price. Luther’s brother Nathan has said he could have been a preacher because of how he would preach against drugs and how he could quote bible verses to you.

Some may see he died of a drug overdose and call him a junkie; I see the loss of a man who became consumed by a drug that can take the strongest and richest man in the world and make him as weak as a child and make him spend his last dollar on his next fix, the loss of a brother, the loss of a nephew, the loss of a cousin, the loss of a father, the loss of a friend, the loss of a man who had so much potential. But, because of one slip which so many people have when going through recovery everything was lost. It is so sad that he or Allison will not have that chance to fulfill their potential and have the life they were reaching and working toward, all because of that one slip with Heroin.

If anything positive can come from death, let Luther’s and Allison’s be a light that wakes up someone a family member, a friend or maybe you to the power of this drug and the need to not let it overcome you. If you are a user – Stop, if you are thinking about using – Don’t. Please Get help, this is what Luther and Allison would want. God Bless.

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