Jordan Kayne Coverdell

Jordan Kayne Coverdell

Angels Info

Name:  Jordan Kayne Coverdell
Age: 29
Location: Cuba, Missouri

Lost The Battle: November 12, 2021


My son had the hugest heart in the world. Overdosed on alcohol at 16, then lost a best friend to death in front of him. We sent him to counseling but the friends family blamed him so he started dabbling in meth then pain pills. He finally started to get better and got married and had a baby who had some complications but survived. I thought things were starting to look up then him and his wife tried heroin for the first time after their babies first bday. My son eventually told me they were caught up in using heroin so I sent him to get help for a thirty day treatment program three times but it was just never long enough. The third time in treatment he split from his wife cause she refused to go to treatment. So he came back from treatment and his wife was pregnant by another man but that man was murdered over drugs so my son felt bad for her and decided to help her with the pregnancy cause that is how huge my sons heart was but I warned him about getting caught up with her again. She used during her whole pregnancy and gave birth to the baby but it only lived to be five months and she never went to see him, so a foster family took care of him until he died then they buried him, so I told my son if you stay with her I am kicking you out and taking custody of my grand baby. They allowed me to take me grandbaby whom I am raising now. My son finally came home after being on the streets and begged for help and so I sent him to Springfield to a discipleship program for addicts and he was doing soooo good, until his wife followed him down there and told him she would work to get better with him for their son, so my son was excited cause he loved her so much but then found out she had another boyfriend down there on the side, so it crushed him and he had to get away from her so he decided to leave the program after eight months and I was so worried. He came home and immediately went back to his old life and just when me and my husband was getting ready to tell him we need to find a different treatment center it was too late, he used in a motel and never woke up. He was my only child and now I am 50 and raising his baby. At least I still have a part of my son but loosing my best friend was the hardest thing I have ever done .