John David (Dave) Engberg

Angels Info

Name: John David (Dave) Engberg
Age: 51
Location: St. Louis, Missouri

DOD: November 3, 2019


My 52 year old brother was found deceased under a bridge in St. Louis Nov. 3rd. A heroin overdose. His name is John David Engberg. His family & friends all called him Dave.

I never condoned my brother’s lifestyle. He’d been a criminal & substance abuse user all his adult life. They had to google his name to find a relative. My name was the only name associated with a phone number. I’m his older sister.

We didn’t throw him away. We chose not to enable him but we fought for him, with love for a son, brother, father, uncle, & friend.

He chose the life he led. His family and friends tried desperately to help him. He chose to go to another state & live by his own rules and he died alone.

My brother wasn’t a piece of garbage. He was brilliant, witty, outgoing and happy around most people. His family faced his demons as much as he did because he could be mentally, physically and verbally abusive towards us. My fight is now for those like my brother who choose this lifestyle only to their eventual deaths and likely alone too.

My brother’s demons are now gone, but his family is left wondering how he became who he was in the end. When did heroin become his vice? How has our country become a drug den of death?
He loved his mother & daughter immensely. He raised dogs, each one like a child to him. He loved playing guitar & had many in his collection at one time. All pawned so he could afford his substances.

Rest In Peace Dave. Your demons are behind you now. We all will miss that beautiful smile & your one liners & sense of humor.

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