John Colton Gibson

John Colton Gibson | 32 Years Old | Location: Jacksonville, Florida | Lost The Battle: November 21, 2021

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Name: John Colton Gibson
Age:  32
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Lost The Battle: November 21, 2021



John Colton Gibson, born in Jacksonville, FL on October 20, 1989 has passed away after his long battle with addiction at age 32 on November 21, 2021.
Colton had a real thirst for historical knowledge and the amazing ability to obtain and recall anything he read. He took a shine to cooking at a young age and continued to enjoy the art of cooking throughout his life. During his childhood and teen years, he planned to serve his country as a navy seal. He spent much time preparing for this career by dressing in old military fatigues his mom found at yard sales and fighting in “wars” in the woods behind his house. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t care about our kids dreams.
He was a beautiful old soul with a bright mind and true passion for learning. Colton’s tender heart and gentle ways will always be missed.
He is survived by his mother Karen Kitler Rickert (Kip), his father John Gibson (Becky) and his sister Kristen Kitler. As well as many aunts, uncles and cousins. He was preceded in death by his grandparents Martha Darley (Joe) James Kitler (Mary) Allen Gibson, Jackie Gibson. Also, his uncle Randall Kitler and his beloved pet, Bubba.