Jimeta Sanders

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Name: Jimeta Sanders
Age:  31
Location: Middletown
,  Ohio
DOD: Dec 13, 2017


A girl, who said she was 11 years old, told a Middletown dispatcher: “My mom not waking up” when she called 911 on Dec. 13.

Later, police learned that Jimeta Sanders, 31, the mother of nine children, was found dead in the kitchen of her home in the 1400 block of Yankee Road. When the young caller said she didn’t know her home address, the dispatcher asked the girl to find the address on a piece of mail, according to the 911 call reviewed by this news outlet.

Eventually, another child in the home knew the address and it was relayed to the 911 dispatcher. 

When the girl was asked if her mother was breathing, she quietly says, “I don’t know.” 

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She was instructed to put her head on her mother’s chest.

“Mom. Mom. Mom,” someone is heard screaming in the background.

The dispatcher asked about other children in the room and the caller was told to move all the children younger than her into another room.

The caller said some of her mom’s “friends” had been in the house. Middletown police are heard arriving at the home 5½ minutes after the call was first received.

On Monday, bond was set in Middletown Municipal Court for Jim Boyer, 63, and his son, Keith Boyer, 32, who allegedly were in a house when Sanders died in her kitchen.

Both men are charged with abuse of a corpse, tampering with evidence, theft, and nine counts of child endangering.

The results of Jimeta Sanders’ autopsy have not yet been released by the Butler County Coroner’s Office.

The two men promised to return, but they never did.

The alleged drug dealers let a mother of nine die from a suspected heroin overdose in front of her children — and then stole her money before leaving, according to the Middletown Division of Police in Ohio.

Jimeta Sanders, 31, had recently relapsed after struggling with a heroin addiction that started after she was given opiates for a back injury, her husband Andre Sanders told Fox45.

And on Wednesday, police say she died from an overdose as all of her children, five boys and four girls aged 1 to 14, watched.


“Losing their mother at this time of year is bad enough, but we found out there was two men there with her at the time, and after she was gone on the ground, they took money from her and told the kids they were leaving to go get pop and never came back,” police chief Rodney Muterspaw said. “That speaks a lot about those two individuals.”

As officers continue to search for that pair, which police described as a possible “father/son team,” they are also hoping to help the Sanders family.

The Middletown Division of Police asked their Facebook followers for donations to help make sure all the children get gifts this holiday season — as well as some basic necessities like a refrigerator, stove and even ornaments for a new Christmas tree provided by officers.

It’s something that the police department felt it had to do, Muterspaw said in a video posted to Facebook.

“They have a dad who works really hard and he was gone at the time at work. They are struggling, they don’t have anything, they don’t have much at all, so our detectives who responded … didn’t sleep last night, they are tore up over this,” Muterspaw said. “Our dispatch who took the calls are tore up over it, our officers who responded just don’t do well with these things because no matter how hard you think you are, when you deal with kids in these situations you never get used to it.”

“But the detectives came in today and they wanted to do something for this family, so we put it on our Facebook page, and man did our community and beyond respond unbelievably.”

Muterspaw, who said around $15,000 has been donated so far, then showed off the massive amount of gifts donated to the police department just within the last five hours.

Donations can be sent to Butler Heritage Federal Credit Union at 660 N. University Blvd., Middletown, Ohio 45042. The account name must be specified as “Kindness for the Sanders Family.” Checks can be made out to the Middletown Police Department at One Donham Plaza, Middletown, OH 45042.

Andre Sanders said he appreciates the outpouring of support as his family grieves the loss of his wife, who he called “a proud mother” who “had a heart of gold.”

“I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s donated,” he told Fox45. “We appreciate it more than I could ever even express.”

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