Jesse Sheets

Jesse Sheets

Angels Info

Name: Jesse Sheets
Age: 33
Location: Huntsville, Alabama
Lost The Battle: March 10, 2022


Well, y’all, this is the love of my life. My fiancé no, my HUSBAND.. who needs the paper, right? Jesse was without a doubt the most amazing man that God ever placed into my life. If he had been able to overcome his demons, he could have EASILY moved mountains in his life due to how incredibly smart, talented, dedicated, and hard working he was. He had the biggest, most beautiful, sincere, caring heart of any man I’ve known. He wasn’t afraid to show that either – I loved that about him! If he loved you, he made sure you knew it! ღ when I was having a difficult day, he never once failed to pull my extra weight, which he was NEVER obligated nor asked to do. He made sure I was NEVER in need of a thing. I never had to ask, he just provided. No matter how angry I ever made him, he never even once called me out of my name. & best of all.. every free second that he has, he always wanted to spend glued to my butt. 🥰😭 but that was of course more than okay with me! I miss him so much. 3 years was just not enough, my love. Fly high baby.

Albert Pemberton