Jacob Oliver Brodsky

Jacob Oliver Brodsky | 21 Years Old | Dallas, Texas | Lost The Battle: September 2, 2021

Angels Info

Name: Jacob Oliver Brodsky
Age: 21
Location: Dallas, Texas
Lost The Battle: September 2, 2021



Jacob Oliver Jacob Oliver Brodsky passed away on September 2, 2021, at the age of 21. Jacob was an Army veteran and a student at St. Edward’s University, with a lifelong dream of a career in medicine. Jacob was born on April 18, 2000. He had a big heart and was blessed with the ability to empathize with others. He had a beautiful, infectious smile. He also had a lifelong passion for animals and there was a never-ending series of pets in his room. Even in his college dorm room, Jacob liked to have something to take care of the most recent pet was a fish named Jeffrey. Jacob also fought a lifelong battle with anxiety and depression, for which he sometimes self-medicated. He spent years in different programs to overcome these issues but could never quite beat them, nor could he ever truly believe that he was a person of value, with great intelligence, natural athletic abilities, and epic dimples. His best friends were his younger siblings, Katie and Luke. Together, they shared their secrets; all night Christmas Eve card games; and thousands of hours of basketball, video games, Milles Bournes and Sleeping Queens. Jacob also loved to ski and snowboard, which he did equally well. Things were going well in Jacob’s life. Engaged in school, a member of a fraternity, and in a happy romantic relationship, he was feeling positive. However, Jacob’s anxiety got the best of him Tuesday night and, in search of some rest and relief, he suffered an accidental overdose. Jacob’s life is the story of tremendous potential that was cut short. His family and friends will never stop missing him. Jacob is survived by his parents, Lael and Peter Brodsky; his siblings Katie and Luke Brodsky; his grandparents Stacey and David Brodsky, Karen Aberle and Cristian Valenzuela; his aunts Isabel and Nell Brodsky and Lauren Iozzo; and many loving cousins. He was predeceased by his adoring grandfather, Patric Iozzo.