How are our governments doing at fighting the Opioid Epidemic?

How are our Governments doing at fighting the Heroin Epidemic?

With 60-70 thousand lives being lost in the US alone each year, It’s no surprise that people have their eye on the government, waiting to see their response. Everyone has made the public aware that they know about the problem…It’s undeniable these days how seriously we need to be taking this epidemic. With so many people being lost, Just about everyone has been affected in some way by this epidemic. There’s almost no ignoring it anymore.  How do you feel about your Governments efforts at handling this horrible epidemic? Do you feel they have their hands tied? Do you think they’re doing everything they can do?   What else would you say they need to do?   How about joint efforts between our US neighboring countries?   How well do you think the Governments are working together?  I want this to end and without knowing whats going on it’s hard to execute my next move.  Please leave a comment below telling us how you feel, What country are you from and how’s it being handled there?  Let us know your thoughts using the comments section below!