Help Fund Heroin Angels!

Hi, My name is Hershel Gau and I am the creator of Heroin Angels. Most people don’t know or understand the financial impact that running a website can have. I don’t have the option of using a “FREE” web service like Wix or something because Heroin Angels gets too many visitors. It cost me $170 a month just for the Heroin Angels website and it struggles to keep up at that price range. In the coming weeks I will be forced to move to the next higher hosting package that will put my cost at around 400 a month! Now, Since I made Hell Vision to show the videos my cost per month is going to double if not go higher because of all the bandwidth it requires to host the videos. Because I do this all myself, all the funding comes directly out of my own money. I am currently in the middle of a career change and money is beyond tight. I normally pay this without asking for any outside support but right now I am in a position that I am needing help with it. If you can help with any amount it will be used to ensure this website remains available for all to pay tributes. Please show your support and devotion to help me continue to this fight to bring education and awareness to all of our people. No one deserves to face addiction and no one deserves to face recovery alone. Thank you!

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