Get to know us


Our Location:
Heroin Angels is located in the Heart of the Miami Valley in South Western Ohio but reach as far as our funding allows..  At first, a lot of people will doubt our locations relevance but we’re right where we need to be.
Small town america is some of the heaviest impacted areas of the Heroin epidemic and South Western, Ohio is no exception. Our cities and towns are being destroyed and overrun by the negative impacts of Heroin. and those that use and distribute it.  In 2016 alone, 1 out of every nine Heroin related deaths in the United States occurred in Ohio…These are FACTS and that is why we at Heroin Angels feel we’re in the right place to make the greatest Impact. 

Our Mission:
The mission of Heroin Angles is to grow attention and awareness to the opiate disaster that’s overtaking our beautiful country and those abroad.  We want to take new approaches, Try new tactics and reach new levels of prevention and recovery through education, outreach programs and diversion…All while remaining a privately controlled organization. We’re not interested in being controlled by those that have continuously failed our people.

Getting Involved:
It’s easy to get involved with our origination. We’re active in all 50 states of the USA and are always looking for ways to reach more people. We’re often needing volunteers for various activities such as fund raisers, awareness programs and outreach campaigns among many others. We also appreciatively accept monetarily donations as well as donations of goods such as food for various programs or office supplies/equipment to help us stretch our funds even more. Anything you can help out with is very much appreciated but to be more specific of our needs, Other than Cash donations we’re in desperate need of non perishable food items, Office supplies such as copy paper/Ink, computers…Toys, New Clothes, Personal Hygiene supplies etc…

Anything that will help us continue to find and help those in need is appreciated.


Memorial Wall:

The memorial Wall is going to be our Focus point of our website. Why you ask?  We feel that being able to scroll and search through a virtually endless wall of photos and names of those that have lost their battles will be a hauntingly stark view..We hope that seeing this might bring things into perspective for someone..preventing them from ever using Heroin in the first place. Our wall will be a beautiful memory of peoples loved ones as well as a potential wake-up call for many others.