Gabrial Garcia

Gabrial Garcia

Angels Info

Name: Gabrial Garcia
Age:  30
Location: Pueblo, Colorado

DOD: September 1, 2019


My Angel was a very sensitive baby and unfortunately that sensitivity turned into anxiety and depression. Gabe was my first born and I was very young. Gabe spent his adult years caring for adults with developmental disabilities. The men he worked with loved and respected Gabe and continue to mourn for him to this day. He was kind, caring, a valuable hard working employee even through battling his addiction. Anybody that knew Gabe loved him and respected him. Gabe was stubborn and tried his hardest to be independent. His presence on this earth is missed by so many in our community. My favorite memories of him were his smile and his sense of humor and just his loving spirit. He cares for my grandfather who suffered with Alzheimer’s until the day he passed. My grandparents died one week from each other and then in just a few months Gabe joined them in heaven. My grandma always wanted him to herself and now her wishes have come true. I miss him every minute of the day and wish I just had one more day with him. But he was suffering here on earth and god knew he had to take him to keep him safe and free of fear and sadness. Shortly before he passed and he had just returned home from rehab he told me “all I dream of is being like regular people. I see people mowing their lawns and enjoying their homes and family and I just want to be just like them.” I know he has all the grass he wants to mow and is reunited with his baby who passed before he had a chance to come into this world. I love my gabie and I was and am so proud of him. Gabes mom ❤️

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