For real…What’s up with the Dank Carts?

2019, Weed is legal in nearly half the country but still totally illegal under the federal laws. Today we have the famous Dank Carts that can be found all across the country including those states where marijuana is still illegal. I myself am an everyday smoker and for the last few months an everyday user of the Dank brand vape oils. Was kinda in the dark about what I was actually using until I really started to take a better look into things.

First and most importantly noting that Dank Brand THC vape oils are NOT tested, Regulated or taxed in anyway making the whole company seem sketchy. They are selling MILLIONS of these cars for anywhere from $15 -$60 each, Depending on the buyers location. The whole operation is being ran from a single Instagram account.

The Dank brand Vape Carts have been tied to cases where pesticides and other chemicals were found in some of the Dank brand vape oils. The company claimed to have resolved the issue but without any government oversight, Who really knows?

I am not writing this however to go into depth about the quality of the oils, I am writing this to try and get some insight on how a company, Using nothing but Instagram can sell MILLIONS of these carts, Mostly to people in states where it’s illegal, Without any sort of police agencies taking action against them? This is not just a small time drug dealer selling grams of weed to his FB friends. This is a billion dollar business that’s completely un-monitored.

Who’s to blame for something like this? Millions of carts sold, shipped and bought and sold under the Facebook/Instagram platform. Will they just act like they had no idea? Will anyone ever look into how this is happening? How can an illegal substance, completely unregulated be so widely available in a country that should be on its most critical level of awareness seeing how we’re losing 70,000 people a year to a drug epidemic. How does a company like this even get started selling millions of units of product using nothing but social sites? I can’t even post a nipple without being banned, How do I believe that this is not known by FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM? In my opinion, They’re going to be just as guilty when this all comes to light. You can’t dump that much fuel on a fire and not expect to have to answer to why and how it was able to happen. What do you think? Do you use these Dank Brand Carts? Are you concerned that there’s no one watching and monitoring the manufacture and sale of them? Please leave a comment!