You decide how much you make each week!

Looking for a job that lets you make your own schedule and hours? How about a job that actually lets you work anywhere you want? Would you like to take control of how much money you make each week? 
It’s very easy to do so with Heroin Angels!


Heroin Angels is seeking professional and trustworthy associates to solicit Donations from across the country and beyond!




Do you have experience in Fundraising, Telemarketing or Door to Door sales?  Are you over 21 with a professional appearance and a positive, can-do attitude? 

Heroin Angels is looking for qualified and experienced people to help raise money for this year and future years projects and operating cost.  Without donations, Heroin Angels fails to be able to meet our desired goals and thus cannot help as much as we set out intending to do.
This is NOT the way we want to run our company. We are here to find those that need our help and to do our very best to impact their lives.
As an associate for Heroin Angels you can make both, a very nice living as well as the chance to make a living doing something that’s actually helping people.  That’s something to be proud of!  

What you want to know

  • Your pay is 100% dependent on the amount of donations you’re able to generate

  • If you do not create any donations, you earn no pay.


  • •The current pay as of June, 2018 is 25% of the total donation you generate
    •If you generate $100 in donations, you earn $25
    •If you generate $1,000 in donations, you will receive $250
    •The amount increases to 30% for those who exceed $1,500 in a single donation making your cut of the $1,500 a hefty $450! 

  • Taxes are filed by YOU filing a 1099 form with the IRS for the pay received from Heroin Angels


  • You make work at home from your telephone and or computer or you may use the various tools found on Heroin Angels to put together a package to go door to door or to business to business!   How you manage your business is completely up to you. YOU are the BOSS!


  • Pay can be sent FREE via check and US MAIL or via Paypal


  • Donations must clear before payment is sent. Please allow time for the checks to clear before requesting payment. You will be paid the moment the money is received or on FRIDAY at the end of the earliest week.

So I guess the question that remains is....Are you ready to take control of your life? We encourage you to apply today