Edmund Ed Carlson

Edmund "Ed" Carlson

Eddie and I grew up together. Grade school, we hung out at various sports practices and games; football and baseball. Then we went to middle school together. Eddie or “Ed” was quite the school clown; I say school clown and not class clown because we grew up in such a small state, let alone town. I moved away before high school, but we still kept in touch here and there. Somewhere from there to addiction, we fell off a bit. The news of him passing hit me hard. All the memories that we had, all came flooding back at once. Our childhood antics and the feeling of nonchalance should have been a good wave but knowing that he needed help and how he died just tore me up inside .I hope he’s found his peace and is no longer suffering or a slave to the ball and chain: heroin . We miss and love you, Bud. Rest in peace now.