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Derek Boswell

Derek Boswell

Angels Info

Name: Derek Boswell
Age: 37
Location: Saint George, Utah
Lost The Battle: October 11, 2020



He was stubborn, irreverent, loyal, loving, frustrating, and fun. As a child he had the cutest freckles. As an adult he loved tattoos and had as many of those as he had freckles. He loved dogs and the frankness of children and he never lost his joy for laughter and fun but he also carried a burden of pain in his heart. He loved cheese-like insane amounts of cheese went into that man’s mouth! My life is much calmer and quieter without him and I miss his chaos and clutter. He ran hot and cold and everything in between and so have my emotions since I lost him. He was a big personality and he committed some big wrongs in his addiction but sadly I failed to see how much good he did. After his death the most unlikely stories were shared of my son taking big risks to help the underdogs of life. I believe he knew he was loved but I sure wish I could make sure to show it better if I had the chance.