David Taylor

Angels Info

Name:  David Taylor
Age:  48
Winston Salem ,North Carolina
DOD: June 15, 2016

Angels Story:

“My dad was always the life of the party had such a huge fun loving personality.. My dad died alone on the back of someone’s porch in the middle of the night from overdosing on heroin. He was 46 and it was 3 days before Father’s day. The first father’s day I was going to be able to spend with him in 26 years.. as well as 3 days before I was going to bring him home with me to “save him” the day before he had called me and told me that if he didn’t get away from there it was going to kill him. I always knew my dad as a alcoholic but to do heroin… I never knew… My last image of my dad was half out of a body bag no skull because they didn’t put him back together after his autopsy. So I had to see him full rigormortis looking for track marks on his arms vomit still on his face, and ink on his hands… The image is forever etched in my mind. Come to find out my dad had been shooting up between his toes and bought dope and was with 2 18 year old children who used him for his dope and basically left him to die alone… So now I have no father, my kids have no grandpa, and the man who was always the smiling face, the man cracking jokes turned up the man who God only knows his last thoughts, how he felt or if it was quick or did he suffer completely alone they stole his dope called 911 and bailed. They could have saved him.. heroin ruined my life and never in a million years did I think I’d lose my both my parents to drugs. My mom overdosed on pills 6/10/12 and my dad overdosed on heroin 6/15/16. I never would have thought I’d be feeling the pain so many others are experiencing now… 😞 Heroin is ruining so many families…”

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