David Louis Corralejo

David Louis Corralejo | 30 | Tempe, Arizona | Lost The Battle: September 29, 2018

Angels Info

Name: David Louis Corralejo
Age:  30
Location: Tempe, Arizona
Lost The Battle: September 29, 2018



My David was not just the love of my life he was my right side he was my goof ball my joking partner my confidence my support system he boosted my low self esteem he was my best friend my happiness my pain in the butt at times but most of all he was my fiancé my soulmate the daddy and step daddy to our 4 kids. The day he was to come home was a day our kids and myself couldn’t wait for we missed him while he was away our son whom disconnected w his daddy was ready to accept his daddy and he had the most excitement to see his daddy his words were mama I’m gunna hug my daddy oh so right and kiss his cheek and tell him how much I’ve missed him and how much I love him those words are what I’ve been waiting to hear. His addiction ripped the bond between our son and himself I will never forget how many times I’ve begged and cried to his family to help me help him or help me get him to a place to help him because it was awful I didn’t want to lose my king and I couldn’t imagine my life without him but now I have no choice and it’s been the worse pain ever he was always such a fun loving person he had such a big heart and did so much for anyone he loved to joke with friends and kick backs when we first started dating he took my older two kids under his wing without me asking he stepped up and filled in that empty spot for my two kids that their own father never showed them he loved them like they were his I was surprised and speechless seeing how they easily connected with each  other then when we had our first son together I never seen a father love so hard he was the most amazing devoted daddy I could ask for he made me fall even more in love with him then we had our little girl automatically that first moment he saw her he was in protective daddy mode and watched her closely as he did our other 3 he had his own lil princess and he was nervous but thrilled at the same time that was true father daughter affection he made my life become the best thing i been through a lot and he changed it he made me see the good from the bad he made me feel loved daily when I walked in on him using I about fell I was confused angry mad hurt etc. he promised it was only a one time thing I believed him until he started to became a total stranger who became so distant flip outs on us over anything I was so scared hurt when things got more intense I’ve become a total wreck stressing everyday worrying recasted late night no sleep majority of the times watching him as he was sick from the addiction etc my biggest fear nightmare was me and our kids walk-in in on him laying there I begged I prayed for that to never happen I thank god it didn’t. But the fact that the day he was supposed to return home to us from being clean for almost 8months when they released him 2days prior to his release date without notifying us they dropped him off to a town farther then what he should have been and that night I got the call they found his body in a restaurant bathroom gone I died that night with him I’m left with so much pain so much hurt my heart is broke. In billions of pieces and there’s no way possible to fix this damage our kids are not the same I’m. Not the same my nightmare is now my reality and it kills me everyday I’m hurt with his family when I needed them to step in when he needed them the most they refused they turned their backs they didn’t help the issue they helped feed the addiction who does that ill never be able to move pass all that I’ve been thru or went thru he passed sept 2018 I still haven’t grieved or been able to accept losing my best friend my king to this addiction nothing makes sense of what happened I feel like his family are leaving so much more out and it hurts I deserve to know the truth I miss him so much the anger I have deep down is only growing the sadness roses I’m just a wreck I need my David back I wish I could bring him back