David Landon Acuna Jr.

David Landon Acuna Jr.

Angels Info

Name: David Landon Acuna Jr.
Age: 35
Location: California
Lost The Battle: April 26, 2022


David Landon Acuna Jr. 05/08/1986 – 04/26/2022 I never thought that I would have to write my son’s obituary. I am still trying to recover from the news that he died. I received a call on April 26, 2022 from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Investigation Department saying, “I regret telling you over the telephone that your son David Landon Acuna Jr. died tonight.” I was devastated. I thought my son was in a facility in San Bernardino County for drug rehabilitation. About a week prior to his death, he confided in me about his life. David was a drug addict and had been homeless, living on the streets for the last six years. Most people would not think twice about his death, but they did not know David. David was a child that told me at 4 years of age that he wanted to sleep in the car for his birthday so he would know how it felt to be homeless. It was then and there that I realized he was a very special person and that he would make a difference in this world. David was a bright, compassionate, charming, and humorous person who loved his family and friends dearly and they loved him dearly in return, especially his mother and father. He touched many people’s life in a very special way. David had aspirations to be an author of a book, about his life on the streets, and he wanted to try his hand at stand-up comedy on open mic night at comedy clubs. He was always worried about his mother and me and would never do anything to hurt either of us. David loved children and would have been a good father if he ever married. On Mother’s Day, May 8th. he would have turned 36 years old. He was taken away and placed in God’s loving arms on April 26, 2022. He died from what appears to be a drug overdose smoking fentanyl. I know that it was an accidental death and I believe that it was his last time for using opioids, once and for all, before he quit for good. David was alone when he died. There was no one there to comfort him. At first, I thought how terrible to die alone, but after thinking about it for a while, I realized that he was not alone…. Jesus was with him. David had a strong belief in Jesus and God. I know that David would want something good to come from his death. Parents, friends, and family please realize that drug addiction is an illness. The addict does not want to be addicted but the addiction has a strong hold on the addict. David tried to overcome his addiction on several occasions, but the addiction was too strong. Mothers, Fathers, Friends, and Family please remember to always show love and compassion to people who are homeless and/or addicted. Let David make a difference. David is survived by his father, David Landon Acuna Sr. and his wife Nancy Acuna; his mother, Patricia Lynn Lyle and her husband John Lyle; his sisters, Dawn Simmons, Michelle Amon, Sandy Chase; his brother Jeff Chase; his aunts, his uncles, his numerous cousins, nieces, nephews, and grand nieces and nephews.

Albert Pemberton