Blair County PA overdose 10 overdose in one day

Anyone have any information on the Blair County PA overdose deaths today? Was it a bad batch of Heroin? How many people have overdosed and how many died? Any arrest made in the Blair County PA overdoses? Is the Blair County PA overdose death toll climbing?

Types/stages of Heroin

Types/stages of Heroin:

Type #1: Opium
Type #2: Morphine base/HCL
Type #3: Heroin base (most suitable for smoking, the Afghan heroin on the European market which needs to be heated a bit with citric acid before injection is this type)
Type #4: Heroin HCL (white heroin)

It is rare to encounter type #1 and #2 in the heroin market because they are not heroin.

Black tar heroin does not fit in here as it is uses a different method altogether to get from opium to heroin. This method does not utilize acetic anhydride (which is watched and hard to get) but regular acetic acid. It is easier, cruder. The product is not just heroin, but also 6-MAM and 3-MAM. 6-MAM is more potent than heroin and 3-MAM is less potent than heroin. Toxicity of its metabolites are not fully certain.