Brittany Krpan

Brittany Krpan

Angels Info

Name: Brittany Krpan
Age: 23
Location: Calgary, Canada

Lost The Battle:
Aug 26, 2021


Brittany was my best friend and girlfriend, I knew her since we were 13 years old. She went through a lot of trauma in her life and I helped her get through it and consoled her, did whatever I could to help her get better and she was successful for a long while, but unfortunately she relapsed. She is my angel and I’ve never loved anyone as much as I loved Britty, We were going to get married. She was an amazing dancer, singer and guitar player. She loved to explore nature and go on late night drives listening to music. I wish she was still here with me, I saved her life from Overdoses before, but this last time she was alone and I didn’t know where she was. By the time her mom found her it was too late and I wish i could’ve been there to save her. She had the most beautiful voice and smile and bright blue eyes, with strawberry blonde hair. She was the most thoughtful, caring, loving person I’ve ever met and I hope I get to meet her again. I love you forever and always Britty. I think of you everyday. I hope all you’re pain is gone forever. <3 Rest In Paradise my love.