Brandyn Roberts

Brandyn Roberts

Angels Info

Name: Brandyn Roberts
Age: 23
Location: Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Lost The Battle: August 13, 2017



My Brandyn was the funniest, good-hearted young man. I am so proud of him. He would always make you laugh no matter what mood you were in. He hated to see people sad. He was an excellent athlete when he was in school. All thru High School he was in Football and Track. Very smart. He would stop what he was doing immediately to help someone. He always had a smile on his face. I do remember when he texted me and asked that I call him because his life was spinning out of control. My boyfriend said right away that he is on opiates or dope. I immediately snapped at him telling him not to say that about my son. But unfortunately, he was right. I called my Brandyn and he told me he has been using heroin for quite some time. We all lived not far from Philly, which is where he would normal go to re-up. I, myself am an addict, so not only did he feel comfortable coming to me as his mother, he also knew that I understood addiction. I tried what I could by telling him to go to rehab, but of course he was with a girl at the time and didn’t want to leave her. I then told him I would come and we would go get him on Medicaid so he could join the Methadone clinic but someone told him he would be leaving one drug to get on another. Not to long after we spoke he was picked up for violating his probation and had to do 6 months in jail. When he got out he didn’t want to move in with me because I lived in Coatesville. He wanted to stay in Pottstown, so my oldest sister took him in. He was doing great. Working, saving money, etc… Then one night he and my sister got in a fight and he left. A few months later I get the call that all parents dread. My son had passed away. The coroner said all that was in him, was straight fentanyl. To this very day I wear him around my neck and talk to him. I feel as if I still haven’t mourned. I miss him so much.

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Misty Allen
Misty Allen
June 13, 2022 4:52 pm

My condolences to you and your family you are all in my thoughts and prayers 🙏🏾