Blake Douglas Evans

Angels Info

Name: Blake Douglas Evans
Age:  23
Location:  Franklin, Kentucky
DOD:  August 6, 2017

Angels Bio:

On August 6, 2017, our son, Blake, died from his addiction. Born on July 21, 1994, he was only 23 years old. We want to share Blake’s story so that someone else’s life may be spared because of his death. Blake’s addiction was a mental illness and no one sets out in life to become an addict. What happened to him and to our family was needless and his battle with addiction took over his brain like a demon that slowly destroyed his life.

From just a baby, Blake was charismatic, happy and funny. Blake was an old soul. He was always curious and had an amazing sense of humor. His smile lit his face and when he was around there was no denying how smart, sensitive, kind and compassionate he was. He was so very deeply loved by everyone who encountered him. He had so much promise and was so full of life.

Blake had a passion to draw and play music but it was way more than that. He was passionate about everything that he set his mind to. He wanted to do anything that he could do with his hands. He was so warm and bighearted, he took pride in helping anyone in any way that he could. He worked hard and he was so proud of himself when he made the steps to get into rehab. He was scared of taking the steps to get help, but he knew that his life was to be more than his addiction. For his family knowing that he wasn’t sleeping on the street and was safe for those months was comforting.

He met so many amazing people through his rehabilitation who shared their story with Blake about how they beat their addiction. He even talked about getting back into college to become an alcohol and drug abuse counselor. When he was awarded his Step Works metal it was one of the proudest days of his life.

For Blake, the reality of living life on life’s terms was apparently something he felt incapable of doing. His journal had a quote that he says is a metaphor for himself “What doesn’t come out in the wash, comes out in the rinse.”

He says, “I’m sick and tired of hurting, hurting my parents, hurting my friends and family, they don’t need this; they have their life together. I have been honest and wanna stay honest. The truth hurts, it does, but I love that hurt and love my family and friends. I do not want anymore pain. So, no more of depriving myself or my family of the son they deserve.”

The day Blake died, a piece of all of us died along with him. We will love and miss Blake every day for the rest of our lives. The pain of his death is gut-wrenching and intolerable. More and more stories like Blake’s need to be told so that others battling addiction can get the help that they need.

Blake, we can only pray that you found the peace that you needed to finally quiet the voices in your head. We know you are watching and you can see how many people truly love and miss you. You were a blessing and an inspiration to everyone who’s lives you have touched.

Blake is survived by his loving parents, Ellen and Mark Hall, Scott and Robyn Evans. He is also survived by his two brothers, Brandon and Courtney Evans, Grant and Jasmine Evans and his step sister Maggie Hall. He is the grandson of Kenneth and Jean Forshee and the late Horace (Dude) and Shelby Evans.

Blake graduated from Franklin Simpson High School in 2012