Antonio R. Cabral

Antonio R. Cabral | 53 years old | Fall River, Massachusetts | Died - April 22, 2019

Angels Info

Name: Antonio R. Cabral
Age: 53
Location: Fall River, Massachusetts
DOD: April 22, 2019


Anthony Cabral passed away April 22,2019 at the age of 53. He is survived by his wife Kim Brady Cabral. Anthony was the son of the late Joao and Mariana Cabral. Anthony is also survived by his two brothers John and Larry and sister Marianne, and leaves behind several nieces and nephews whom he adored and loved, Jana and Jill Cabral, Gregory and Nicole Annarummo, and Lance and Lowell Cabral. After a long struggle with addiction Anthony died of substance use disorder. This disease carries with it unbearable pain, loneliness, isolation and misunderstanding. This disease like no other consumes the body, mind and soul and in Anthony’s case was a powerful and terminal disease. No one wants to be defined by their failures, certainly not Anthony. Those of us who knew Anthony knew what a dare devil he was and also how sensitive and kind he could be. Heroin stole his sense of being and robbed him of the life we all deserve. Anthony will be sadly missed by all his family and friends.

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