Anthony Norris

Anthony Norris

Angels Info

Name: Anthony Norris
Age: 38
Location: Kissimmee, Florida
Lost The Battle: April 21, 2022


What do I miss about Tony? What don’t I miss about tony… I miss his good heart , I miss how even through his addiction he made me feel like a queen , he loved me as best as he could during his struggle with this demon. I miss my best friend , I miss the love of my life , I miss having the only other person besides our son who mattered truly in the world . Together we truly were a unit who fought everyday battles together ! He was my peace he was my safe place he was home to me . He was my penguin who drove me crazy at times (most the time) but I truly loved him selflessly because I know who he was before the drugs took him over . He will forever be missed and will always have a love from my heart that no one will take , I am longing for the day I get to see his face again ! We love u forever

Albert Pemberton