Anson Mooney

Anson Mooney

Angels Info

Name: Anson Mooney
Age: 42
Location: San Francisco, California

DOD: September 6, 2020


Hello, I have a submission for your page.
My dear friend who went by the street name of Pazi passed away September 6th. He hadn’t been out of prison long, and he had been in prison for a little bit longer than the fentanyl had been screwing up everything and killing people so when he did that shot it was over.
He was one of the best people I have ever met and his death has left a palpable sensation of loss to everyone who knew him. He was loyal to a fault and had incredible artistic talent. He was as solid as they come and the many people who’s lives he touched are grieving hard for this loss.
Please, this fentanyl shit is no joke. This is the 4th friend I’ve lost in just the last two weeks. People are dropping every day and it has to stop!! Those of us being left behind by the ones who pass this way don’t know how many more times our heart can break without it finally breaking us.

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