Amber Motl

Amber Motl | 36 years old | Circle pines, Minnesota

Angels Info

Name: Amber Motl
Age:  36
Circle pinesMinnesota
DOD:  January 29, 2018


Amber L. Motl February 14, 1981-December 29, 2017

A post on her Facebook page earlier this fall read “I am not a survivor, I am a warrior”.

Amber was the definition of a warrior and was never one to back down for what she believed in. Strong as they come, and brutally, beautifully wild. She was the most phenomenal of all wildflowers standing tall in the windswept countryside fields when looking as far as the eye can see.

Always the very first one to have the back of those she loved and never faltering; she was steadfast, exuberant about life, and had a heart bigger than most could even imagine. Amber left intense imprints on the lives and souls of everyone she encountered whether her time with them was short or life-long.

Unfortunately, even with a heart as big as the world and passion to overfill a million cups, battles were no stranger to this stunning, and spectacular young woman. On Friday, December 29th, 2017, at just 36 years of age, this amazing warrior was taken way too abruptly from a world not even starting to realize how truly blessed it was by her presence.

On this day, the world lost a powerful and most loving, kind-hearted and truly magical soul to a tragic addiction. Amber’s light was taken from us due to an accidental heroin overdose.

Preceded in death by father, Allen Motl. Survived by son, Dylan River Motl (Eldridge), Mother, Nancy Patrin, and 6 brothers, 1 sister and 1 half-sister. Loved beyond words by extended family and close friends across the country, Amber is finally again reunited with her beloved father.

In closing, on August 19th Amber posted this on her Facebook page. Please take it as a reminder from her of how fragile life is and how important those in her life were to her… “One day one of us will not be here n then it will be too late to say I love you. So I love you.”

We love you too, Amber. You’ll always be with us. Rest in peace beautiful angel, rest in peace; your struggles are over.

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