Amanda Baker

Amanda Baker

Angels Info

Name: Amanda Baker
Age:  29
Location: Houtzdale, Pennsylvania

DOD: October 15, 2018


Miss Amanda Baker. A soul truly to amazing for this world. I’m not ready to face reality. No one knew you like we did, ure true friends. The fake a smile even tho ure ripping at the seams… don’t let them see your crown fall darling type of attitude. Strong for everyone else, even when she wasn’t strong herself. I want to hear that you’ve just ventured away for a while, I want to hear “oh, she will be back in a month or so .” This time… that phone call… this news…. apparently they’re telling me you’re really gone… it’s really over. You won’t be popping up in a few months or a year to tell me “I’m still rolling on, still fighting that fight, girl, no one can stop me.” You were invincible… you had so much love… so much passion in everything you did. No one smiled like you… and I’ll never see that light in you again. This world just couldnt handle all your compassion, love, and friendship. God must’ve needed you… you’re such an amazing soul. You lifted so many people up, I wish I could have lifted you baby girl. You were one of a kind.. and a lot of peoples lives are in shambles over this. This isn’t right… not you. Not THE Amanda Fucking Baker…. but then I set and cry, and I can’t quit… because a thought in the back of my mind keeps saying …. not even God was invincible.

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