Albert Pemberton

Albert Pemberton

Angels Info

Name: Albert Pemberton
Age: 30
Location: Grand Rapids/Sand Lake, Michigan
Lost The Battle: March 18, 2012


This is my Brother, my friend, a father an uncle and a son. Al was the most kind, loving, funny guy. Al was such a good person and a good father. He tried Methadone to help a bad headache he had and that was all it took. From that time on he struggled with addiction, it became pretty much whatever numbed him as he spiraled, he treated family differently and the ability to properly engage with his son was obliterated. He ended up going to rehab because he had lost everything. He got out and was ok for awhile and continued. My brother and I weren’t on great terms before he passed because of my frustration with this person he’d become. He stopped taking drugs when he went to Jail for two months and when he got out he did the same amount he had done before and his body couldn’t process that. My brother passed away in his sleep while my nephew lay next to him. My nephew is 17 today and is still going through trauma ,anger and was robbed of a life with his hero. There are so many things I wish I could change, and so many things I miss about him, his laughter, his sense of humor was unlike anyone I’ve known, and his genuine kindness. Al loved the outdoors as well and loved to fish. I miss him dearly. 💔

Albert Pemberton
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