Alannah R. Fields

Alannah R. Fields | 24 Years Old | Casper, Wyoming | Lost The Battle: June 15, 2021

Angels Info

Name: Alannah R. Fields
Age:  24
Location: Casper, Wyoming
Lost The Battle: June 15, 2021


Alannah Renea Fields was born July 15, 1996, to Denette Murphy and Howard Nelson, but from birth was raised and adored by Amy and Carl Fields. Alannah was full of sass and spunk. Every path she crossed made her a friend. She was a very passionate person who did everything to the extreme, most of all she loved big.

Because life threw her more than she and her sisters or any child should know she shared a special bond with her sisters, Miranda Fields, Deanna Bryan, and Opal Leinen.

Alannah loved music, singing, playing guitar, animals, art, telling tall tales, and most of all family. Her greatest joy was becoming a mother to her precious son, Jacob Zane who was the light of her life.

We can’t talk about the beauty of her life without talking about the darkness that led to her decisions that took her from us at the young age of 24. On June 15, 2021 Alannah overdosed. Alannah started using drugs to ease the pain when life seemed to be too much to handle. Even with all the love and support of her family, drugs robbed her of all her true joy and consequently what her life could have been. For all of you who knew Alannah and loved her like we did we know you’ll understand this. For anyone who didn’t know her please hold your loved ones close and share the dangers of “just one time” with your children. It won’t ease your pain and not one thing about this is “fun.” For anyone who is struggling with your own pain, just know even one time can change your life forever, or as in Alannah’s case sadly end it.

Alannah is survived by her son, Jacob Seal; mom, Amy Fields; sisters, Deanna Bryan, Miranda Fields and Opal Leinen (cousin by birth, sister by heart); Crystal Haslett; Nathan Fields; Grandma Verla Fields; and many more loved ones.

She was joyfully greeted by her dad, Carl Fields and grandma, Carol Darland.

Memorial services will be at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 13, at 801 S. Beverly Street in Casper, WY.

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